Our preschool and kindergarten classroom serves children ages 2.5 – 6 years old.

Every Montessori classroom operates on the principle of freedom within limits. Ground rules appropriate to the age level are based on core Montessori beliefs: respect for self, for others, and for the environment. 

Teachers present individual and small-group lessons on the various materials in the classroom. All of our classroom activities, referred to as “work”, are carefully designed to provide an integrated curriculum in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language Arts, Cultural Activities, and Mathematics.  The teacher relies on her observations of the children to determine which new activities and materials to introduce. Our Montessori preschool and kindergarten programs are designed to nurture a child’s intrinsic desire to learn.  

Kindergarten & the importance of the third year

The multiyear age span in each class provides a family-like setting, where learning can take place naturally. More experienced children share what they have learned, while reinforcing their own learning. Younger students look up to their older “brothers” and “sisters” and get a preview of the work to come. Ideally, members stay with the class, and teacher, for the entire cycle, forging a stable community and meaningful bonds. 

The third year in the Montessori classroom is really the ‘capstone’ year. It is a rite of passage that they have worked so hard to achieve much as they senior year of high school. During the Kindergarten year, students will dive even deeper into to science, mathematics, language, and social/emotional development. They explore topics such as geologic time, space, deep sea all the while integrating what they have learned in the prior years in the classroom.