“My son loves school! He is always happy to go and really appreciates his teachers and friends. The classroom functions as a small family encouraging kindness, respect, and helpfulness. He is learning the important life skills all while becoming his own unique person. I love hearing about his works and seeing the skills he’s mastered. There is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and thriving in his environment away from home.”
— Gateway Parent, Longmont, CO

“I had two children go through Gateway over four years. The kids had a great experience, developed useful social skills and noticeably learned the precursors to reading and writing. The staff has always communicated clearly what steps to take to encourage development for each child individually. The staff seems to really care about the success of everyone who comes through the door. I am sad this phase has ended as my kids have grown up but am glad Gateway played a part!” 

— Jessica  – Gateway Parent,  Longmont, CO

We love Gateway! It is only a few blocks away from our house and offers a great program for our 4 year old. We looked at other Montessori programs that are essentially triple the cost for the same value, so we feel grateful that this school is right in our neighborhood. The teachers are organized and I love their ongoing newsletters that keep the parents in the loop.”

— Carmen – Gateway Parent, Longmont, CO

“Our kindergarten experience has been absolutely MAGICAL. My children always come home telling me about all the amazing things they have learned from Van Gogh to Matisse and arctic animals to rocks and minerals, and the list goes on. They are excited about learning! Longmont Montessori Kindergarten Students In contrast my 1st grader (a former Gateway student now attending a local neighborhood school) comes home to tell me who got in trouble and what kind of reward he got for being quiet. Honestly he hardly EVER tells me about something exciting that he learned about the world.”
— Holly – Gateway Parent, Longmont, CO

“Between my two kids we have been with Gateway for 4 years. They are FABULOUS! Both kids did two years of preschool and one year in the kindergarten program. They both were beginning to read and doing simple multiplication and division by the time they left. Besides the basic academics, I appreciate the greater understanding of the world the students get from Gateway. They learn about the planets, and environment, and geography. The learning is self-directed. Children are responsible for caring for themselves, and taught kindness and respect. If you aren’t ready for your baby to grow up, Gateway might not be the right choice for you because they foster a lot of independence and responsibility. But if you are looking for a school to help you raise a good person who is able to think, Gateway is great!”

–Gateway Parents, Longmont, CO